Eating with Diabetes: 5 Essential Strategies for Great Results

Eating with Diabetes: 5 Essential Strategies for Great Results

Over the years of interviewing leading diabetes experts, we’ve seen essential strategies for managing eating with diabetes. Together, these approaches can put you on a path towards improving blood sugars and a satisfying relationship with food.

Strategy 1. Check Blood Sugars in Pairs The strategy is to check before and after eating. Most doctors recommend checking two hours after a meal, though it is useful to periodically check one hour and four hours or more after a meal to get a more complete picture.  

Strategy 2. Count Carbohydrates Every person’s body can handle a different amount of carbohydrates based on his or her unique level of insulin resistance. So learning to count carbohydrates is a critical tool for long term success. If you know your blood sugar, how many carbs you eat, and your blood sugars later, you can get a full picture of what you can and can’t eat.  

Strategy 3. Keep It Simple Diabetes is a marathon, not a sprint. So don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to understand everything at once. You have plenty of time to figure things out. Start by understanding how your most common meals impact your blood sugars.  

Strategy 4: Find Predictable Foods That You Love Diabetes isn’t about the the things you can’t have, it’s about the things that you can have. Spend time looking for foods that you love and can safely eat. Continue to expand that list.  

Strategy 5: Figure Out What You Can’t Eat On the other hand, there are some foods that will drive your blood sugars into the stratosphere. This might be crusty pizza with a sweet sauce, a Chinese dish, or a certain type of sushi with fried crab legs.