Fighting Diabetes, One Veggie at a Time

Fighting diabetes, one veggie at a time

The American Diabetes Association says a vegetarian diet is a healthy option for those who choose to go that route. And it says diabetics can even go vegan, as long as they take vitamin supplements.

Vegan diet may actually be the best choice.She says a plant-based diet provides plenty of nutrients along with natural fiber.This is what keeps your blood sugars low. This is what helps keep you fuller … so you can lose weight without feeling hungry.

During a personalized tour of a local supermarket, Levin starts with the produce aisle.

“I almost recommend staying exclusively in produce,” she says, “But then you can find in the other aisles things like dried beans and dried grains, or even canned beans and frozen beans.”

A terms of a nutrition called “rainbow” — as balancing deep green, red, orange, purple and yellow produce as the basis of a diabetic eating plan.But some doctors are concerned a vegan diet, which means no animal products at all, including dairy, will not provide sufficient protein.Even broccoli, that bright green vegetable that is so full of calcium, one-third of its calories are from protein.The idea of a vegan diet for diabetics seems to be best.

Researcher says that vegetarian diets as a whole can help diabetics lose weight and improve blood sugar control. But it says any patient planning to go vegetarian, especially vegan, should work with a nutritionist to put together a solid eating plan that provides enough nutrients and enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.