How to Learn to Control Diabetes

How to Learn to Control Diabetes

Having diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are three diseases that increase your chances of getting heart disease. By having all three of these, you will be at very high risk of strokes and heart attacks. I know a lot of people that have all three and they are young people.

These disease’s have no mercy on anyone. I know a young child that has high cholesterol, and the doctor is saying it’s because of the fast foods that she is eating. All three disease’s run on my side of the family.

Eating healthy and exercising will lower your chances of getting any of these. It has been proven that 85% of the people that have type 2 diabetes are overweight or have some kind of weight problem.

Weight gain that goes up and down is not good for the body. We should try and keep our weight at a stable number if possible.

It is very important to watch your health closely especially if you know you have diabetes.

Through diet and exercise you can actually come off all medication, this is if you keep your blood sugar levels down and the doctor says it is alright to do this.

Always keep a check about every three months with your primary physician to see if you are still doing fine without medication. This is a struggle but it can be done.

They like for someone to come with you to these classes so you will have support after you leave. These classes will teach you what your blood sugar should be to stay healthy, good eating habits, how important it is to exercise, and also will show you films on people who didn’t take diabetes as serious as they should and what happened to them.

If your physician does not recommend these classes to you, you ask him to send you to them. My insurance paid for 3 full days of classes.

Monitor yourself daily. People who have diabetes know all about blood glucose monitors and the strips. My insurance paid for the monitor but not the strips. These strips can get very expensive. If you have low income and can’t afford insurance, your local health department can help you with your monitor and strips.

They have helped out people that I know that needed to take insulin shots. Once you learn how to read this monitor and what the number means, try and stay at the number your doctor told you to be at or below. This is very important on managing diabetes.

Of course we all know to stay away from sweets and lots of carbohydrates. Both of these are very unhealthy for us. Natural sugars from fruits are fine but in moderation. There are some carbohydrates that are very good for us to eat but the others turn into sugar and spikes up your sugar levels.

Be sure and drink lots and lots of water every day. This hydrates our skin and makes our skin smooth and soft. If we would drink water like we should, we probably would never need to lotion our skin at all. Drink water whenever possible instead of drinking anything else. Try your best and make this a habit.