Insulin consumption: Pens vs. Syringes

A diabetes patient’s life revolves around insulin. It can be consumed in two ways: pen and syringes – both have their own specific pros and cons.The choice of pen over syringe, and vice versa, depends on patient preference and cost.

Syringe-method requires drawing insulin out of the bottle and measurement of the amount taken before injecting. Whereas, the pen device involves an insulin cartridge inside it – the patient has to attach the needle and dial the dose before administering insulin to his/her self.

One of the biggest advantages of the pen-device is its convenience. For example, instead of having to drag a bottle and syringe around, one can just plop a pen device into their pocket/ purse. However, the pens are a little more costly than the bottle-syringe approach. Therefore, funds may determine the final pick.
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