The Goals And Special Challenges For A Diabetic Child

The Goals And Special Challenges For A Diabetic Child

Diabetic children face various issues especially at the age of 11 to 16 years. These issues range from health to socio-emotional in nature.

Children ages 11 to 16 have a lot of issues, whether or not they have type 1 diabetes. And having type 1 diabetes definitely complicates their life at this time frame. Children at this age are trying to establish independence. At this stage parents question their health issues which creates fraction, so that’s definitely a major issue.

Additionally children are going through puberty. Hormones that make body grow and develop during puberty also make diabetes more difficult to control.

Secondly, issues such as body image also serve as a challenge for diabetic children. Therefor type 1 diabetics are at risk for developing eating disorders and need to be screened and monitored for this.

And lastly, emotional issues also need careful monitoring such as depression and mood swings.